JioPhone Free with Unlimited 4G Data : Deposit ₹1500

JioPhone Free with Unlimited 4G Data : Deposit Rs.1,500 : All people’s concentration is on the Jio’s chairman Mukesh Ambani. Now that he has taken the stage to deliver his speech to the customers at the company’s AGM in Mumbai.


Mukesh Ambani started the Jio-centric announcements by reiterating the record-breaking journey of the Reliance company. Reliance claim 7 customers per second, and now Reliance has 125 million users.

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Mukesh Ambani says “jio customers consumes 125GB data per month, which is includes 165 crore hours of high-speed video every month. It is the “most intelligent affordable phone in the whole world,” the company said.

Mukesh Ambani added “over 76 coror smart phone users in india, but many users left from the digital system because of the feature phone. JioPhone will improve his 4G network speed and also improve calling connection.

Jio also open 10,000 plus offices in all over the country. Reliance Jio is fast growing company because of it’s free voicecalling and affordable data services.

Price of the JioPhone

We can say that Jiophone is effectively free because company charge Rs. 1500 for this phone. This money is refundable so effectively this phone is a free. You can claim your money after the 3 years.

“See video for the full information ”

Launch Date of JioPhone

JioPhone officially launch on 15 August. But the pre-booking start from the 24 August. You can order from MY JIO App and also from the nearest Jio offline stores. The handset will be manufactured in India starting the last quarter of the year.

Jio Fiber Broadband Service

Mukesh Ambani also mention about Jio broadband services at the Reliance AGM, but They did not give any information or details about broadband services.

The Jio broadband service once again got a mention at the Reliance AGM, but Mukesh Ambani did not dish out any details. He, however, did say Jio remains on track to bring world-class optic fibre connectivity, and is the next big monetisation opportunity. He said “Jio remains bring world Top class optic fibre connectivity, and is the next big monetisation opportunity.

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